Just Another Saturday Night

Sara Hess would really like me to share this photo. It’s what I looked like seconds after I’d arrived at her apartment, after my multi-hour Guild meeting, before I had my first meal of the day, and not very long before our radio interview.

I didn’t know she was taking the picture. But I do know that right before she took it I said, “This is your strike captain, Ladies and Gentlemen.”

Pamie Rae (or, writing a post for UnitedHollywood.com)

[United Hollywood asked me to reprint this post here so they can link to it, instead of taking up their entire front page with all my blah-blah-blah. It’s very hard to do “Pencils Down.” I end up writing elsewhere. Like here.]

I’m a writer.
I’m a strike captain.
I’m a gate coordinator for CBS Radford.

I’m a writer first, so day one, morning shift, I was a little nervous to be in charge of a line. I’m barely 5’3″, and I’m usually dressed like an extra from Mad Men. But I’m also from Texas. So I’m friendly, but I’m not going to let someone get treated unfairly.

My lot coordinator was smart enough to arm me with muffins for the security guard, a man who has checked my ID every morning for the past five months as I’ve worked on Samantha Who?, so we were all getting along just fine for the first couple of hours. Continue reading

The Office Is Closed.

Day Three on the line. The sun comes out and hits us pretty hard halfway through the shift, so I followed the lead of another strike captain who brought Trivial Pursuit cards to the line to pass out to circling picketers.

I brought a sleeve of Pop Culture edition and shouted, “Without you, this stack of cards wouldn’t exist! If you find yourself or a friend of yours mentioned in this card, please shout BINGO, because you win!”

I’ve got fifty people on my line, give or take. Fifty random people of the 12,000 in the guild. And within an hour, we had a bingo. Christine Zander, a writer on Samantha Who? found an episode of 3rd Rock From the Sun, which was written by her as a question on the card.

Justine Bateman joined our line today. Wearing her SAG shirt, and walking the circle. Continue reading