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  • scene from a bachelorette party

    [scripty] ALEX So, um, pamie. How are you holding up? …You know, with the whole Johnny Depp thing. PAMIE What? WHAT?! WHAT HAPPENED? ALEX Oh. I thought you would have known. His kid is sick. PAMIE Really? Which one? ALEX I… well, I didn’t know he had more than one. PAMIE HE HAS TWO. ALEX […]

  • maintenance

    Yesterday I made a list of people I needed to call to schedule appointments. At the top of the list: allergist. Mom called yesterday morning and said, “Have you seen the wheat doctor yet? I really want you to be able to eat bread again.” I think the next time I come to town, she’d […]

  • i can now, officially, raise the roof

    The very nature of a blog is self-serving, self-aggrandizing, self-important and selfish. I know that I write these thoughts down to entertain you while keeping a diary for myself, as I seem physically incapable of writing unless there’s a prospect of an audience. But some days, I do wonder what it means that I write […]

  • take that, lluvy.

    My passport photo. Is. Hideous.

  • I wish I could figure

    I wish I could figure out how to cure this staph infection, as I’m really fucking sick of taking 500mg of Keflex every day.

  • Me, Me, Me, Blah, Blah, Blah

    Sometimes the week gets away from me, in terms of this website. When that happens, when a huge week goes by and I haven’t been writing about it, the thought of trying to catch up can seem quite daunting. I’m having one of those weeks when I wonder why we have this relationship, you and […]

  • The good, the bad and the unknown.

    Working on this television show is teaching me how to add more specifics to my writing. When I write here, or a recap, or even a script Liz and I will eventually perform, there’s a tendency to write in shorthand, to deliver enough information that someone “gets it,” and then move on. Here I’m learning […]

  • pre-production

    We have spent the past week in pre-production at the Oxygen show. Pre-production means the producers are planning out the shooting schedule, while we rewrite the script over and over again until it satisfies the network, the budget and the cast (in that order). This is when it gets more intense, and a bit frustrating. […]

  • She cut it.  She drained

    She cut it.  She drained it.  She took a culture.  She cleaned it.  She put me on antibiotics.  She doesn’t think this is the same infection, the really bad one I had.  This is some kind of smaller infection, an ingrown hair gone evil.    “You’ll definitely have a better weekend now,” she said.   […]

  • 325 donations.

    eleven and a half hours until my doctor’s appointment.   This ER rerun i’ve never seen before which seems like I was supposed to stay home tonight and update book donations.  We’re at 325.  And the letters from the librarians, as you can see, have been coming in all week.  It’s one of my favorite […]