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Doug Hill, Jeff Weingrad: Saturday Night: A Backstage History of Saturday Night Live. Lauren gave this to me as a thank you after I did an interview with her for a college assignment last spring. I’m tearing through it. The fact that I haven’t heard from Lauren since June means that either I caused her to fail her class, or she’s still transcribing the bajillions of cassette tapes I babbled all over in a Starbucks many months ago.


I told you: good jobs

Esquire columnist, Oprah magazine contributor, and Daily Show correspondent Stacey Grenrock-Woods I, CALIFORNIA, a memoir of being born and raised on the left coast which tackles, among others, the titillating power of Peter Frampton’s bare chest, how posing for Playboy makes you hungry, and the shame you feel when a loved one unearths your old Sting tee-shirt, to Rob Weisbach at Simon & Schuster, at auction, by dan Greenberg at Levine Greenberg Literary Agency (world).

Go, Stacey.

We found a copy of

We found a copy of Wai Lana’s Yoga Sound CD here at the Oxygen office today. Stacey and I freaked out Johanna with our vast knowledge of this unique little woman. View half an hour of addictively creepy right here.

Move over, Wendy. There’s a new recipe card queen in town. Do you think apple sauce tofu balls are Core?