the perks.

The first pass pages just arrived of Why Moms Are Weird. This is the first time it really looks like a book, with justified margins and special fonts for the chapter headings, and a dedication all in bold.

This is when I somehow get even more nervous, because that means it’s only a few short months now before someone like you can hold it in your hands, take it into your bed, and judge me. Continue reading

Drop It Like It’s — ow.

If there was any wonder how much fun I had at my own wedding, the proof was in today’s doctor bill.

I danced so much in those shoes that I have this.

The day after the wedding the arch of my foot had shooting pains whenever I went on my tiptoes. I knew I had overdone it, particularly during that part seconds after midnight when Everlast commanded that I jump, jump, jump, jump, everybody jump. Continue reading

I'm Hideous

not for the squeamish

I like to think that I’m a relatively grown-up person who can handle things with a certain level of dignity.

Maybe for the most part, I do. But not last night. Not at all.

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i don’t know.

I was just sitting here typing when I heard Eric’s voice. It’s on the television. He’s doing these cable commercials now for their cable modem service. It’s a bit jolting. It sounds like he’s in the other room asking me to buy something. The commercial makes me giggle, because he’s so damn happy about Road Runner.

I try not to read into my dreams too much. It tends to make me nervous. But since last night was a bit of a repeat dream, I can’t help but wonder what it means.

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last minute freak-outs and a whole new world.

So I’m on a plane very, very soon.

Have I mentioned my fear of flying? No? Well, that’s because we’re not going to talk about it. We’re just not, so shutup. I have no fear. NO FEAR, YOU HEAR ME?

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