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  • torn.

    PAMIE: [Answering phone] Hello? MOM: Do you have something you need to tell me? PAMIE: … Um… uh… well, uh… do you want to maybe give me a hint or a topic? Because this seems like a trick. MOM: Your knee. PAMIE: Oh. MOM: I do read your website, you know. I didn’t, but I […]

  • sage.

    Sage, the smartest dog in the universe, the one who helped my sister survive high school, nursed my dad through chemo and radiation, and helped my mom with both her empty nest syndrome and finding her footing after Dad died, was put down yesterday after sixteen long, wonderful years of life. Sage understood an incredible […]

  • Bumming You Out

    My thoughts are with those dealing with Katrina. I used to live in Hinds County, Mississippi, and I know what it’s like to wait out a storm, wondering at what point you have to evacuate. [db] When I get to work in the morning, there’s usually the latest draft of that week’s script on the […]

  • ugh.

    I lost this entry already once. Now I will rewrite in shorthand. I had a bad show last night. Here are the excuses: * I just moved. * I was moving during the rehearsals * Mom called just before the show to tell me she was going into surgery tomorrow because the dog bit her […]

  • ‘Til I’m Home Again and Feeling Right

    It’s a very strange sensation, walking into my mom’s new house, seeing everything I associate with home (the dog, the bookshelves, the large dining room table, Mom) in a place I’ve never seen before in my life. It’s exactly like when you dream that you’re in your house but it’s not your house but it […]