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  • Meet New York Pam.

    Leaving Los Angeles, I got a few tips on surviving New York during the holidays. I was told: 1. I’d need heavy clothes. An enormous coat I didn’t own. Lots and lots of layers and sweaters and basically I’d need to go buy a new wardrobe and a huge suitcase to put it all in. […]

  • i lived with john travolta

    i lived with john travolta

    and why i hate samantha mathis I’ve lived with many famous people. It’s not something well known, and not something I brag about. Okay, I rarely tell a soul. Because if I tell you why or how I lived with these people, you may leave. Or at least laugh. But I want to be honest […]

  • Hello.  I love you, let me tell you my name

    Hello. I love you, let me tell you my name

    an open letter to Ricky Martin Dear Ricky Martin, Yesterday I was coming home from work and I had a terrible scare.  I realized that the entire day yesterday I did not once hear your toe-tapping, butt-shaking, heart-pounding hit “Livin’ La Vida Loca.”  How could that be possible?  There’s no way that your song could […]