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  • Rob’s book.

    I’ve been staying up late reading this. Rob, your book is so good. It’s a unique experience, reading a memoir of someone whose life you’ve been following for years through his words. Rob: visualize Oprah. I want to see you on her couch. Schuyler’s Monster: A Father’s Journey with His Wordless Daughter, by “Robert Rummel-Hudsooooooooooooooon!”

  • “Schuyler’s Monster”

    “Schuyler’s Monster”

    Over 250 books are on their way to the Children’s Institute, and over $1500 has been raised for the Rockhouse Foundation in just two days. But that’s from only about eighty people. Did you decide you’d wait while you think about it? What is there to think about? Kids. Books. Done. Please? Oh, wait. Were […]

  • Rob and Dana

    Rob and Dana

    they only kinda scared my mom [scripty] MOM So, who are these people? PAMIE Rob and Dana. MOM And you’re going out to dinner with them? PAMIE Something like that. Maybe just drinks. MOM And how do you know them? PAMIE The Internet. They have journals. MOM Uh-huh. PAMIE They have journals, Mom. I know […]

  • The Air Up Here

    if you’re reading this, i didn’t die. I’m writing from a plane. Ain’t technology grand? If you are reading this, then that means that I landed safely. A concept that right now, I must admit, sounds a bit far-fetched to me. This may have been one of the scariest flights I’ve ever been on. Some […]