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  • A thin line.

    “Good morning, America!” He says this to me every morning, usually as I’m passing him on my way out the door, while he unloads the power tools I’m trying to escape. “Good morning, Evidio.” “All this noise I’m making. I’m going to have to take you out to dinner to repay you.” He raises both […]

  • Why I’m Currently Not Speaking to Rafael.

    [scripty] RAFAEL So, I meant to tell you. I was walking home the other day, and I saw this really beautiful person that looked like you. PAMIE Oh. Oh, well, that’s nice. RAFAEL Yeah, I think I was texting or something, so I didn’t notice until I was like, six inches away, and that’s what […]

  • I promise I’m not dead.

    I’ve just been incredibly busy. I could write about my current work schedule, and the different jobs I’m juggling concurrently in books, television and film, and have a deep discussion about trying to have it all in a town where you’re never done trying to have it all while trying to keep some semblance of […]

  • click.


    It’s time for me to take a new author photo. Some of you may remember how spectacularly the last one was received. I was tired of talking about my long hair in the old shot. It had been in two books, three periodicals and an Aspen promo. It was two years old. Time for an […]

  • Best two lines said to me over the past day:

    “Oh, she was always buying bras and eating these strange pretzels.” And: “Bring all the girly things that make you look pretty.”

  • Three Stories

    LA Story I felt my first real earthquake today. I mean one where I knew an earthquake was about to hit and then it did. I sat through lots of earthquakes when I lived in Palm Springs as a kid, but I don’t really remember them. We lived above the laundry facility at a hotel, […]