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  • We Didn’t Win

    For those of you who can’t get enough of things my mom says, I had her play Game Time for the latest episode of Extra Hot Great, as I transcribed her answers. It was a maddeningly difficult Game Time where you listen to 21 clips of fictional languages from film and tv and have to […]

  • Aloha from Overwhelming Positivity Podcast 23: Tandoori Lady

    Aloha from Overwhelming Positivity Podcast 23: Tandoori Lady

    We didn’t just take a million pictures and post six thousand tweets. We made a podcast. I’m honored to have been a part of Overwhelming Positivity 32, where you learn about zipline freak-outs, island curses, and why we should get a refund from our stargazing trip. And it starts with my “phone voice.” We recorded […]

  • do it for johnny.

    I never thought it’d be so easy for you to download audio proof of my dorkitude that ends with the sound of me watching one of my most beloved childhood treasures get destroyed. No, really, I wigged out. Like… a lot. Kind of inappropriately. I may have called for the destruction of a vineyard. I’d […]

  • The Ricky Gervais Show on Guardian Unlimited: Episode Six

    Section: If You Live In A Glass House, Don’t Throw Bricks About When it’s discovered in about five years or so that I’ve suffered permanent, irreparable damage to my eardrums (and I mean more than the constant ringing I’ve heard since I was seventeen from concerts) because I spent way too many hours with my […]