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  • working it.

    There’s no easy way to explain this, the amount of work, luck and good fortune that goes into a lovely combination of producer interest, agenting, and studio support. Everybody has to invest time and energy and smarts and faith in creating a new possibility. On the afternoon AB Chao was flying to Los Angeles, hours […]

  • I told you: good jobs

    Esquire columnist, Oprah magazine contributor, and Daily Show correspondent Stacey Grenrock-Woods I, CALIFORNIA, a memoir of being born and raised on the left coast which tackles, among others, the titillating power of Peter Frampton’s bare chest, how posing for Playboy makes you hungry, and the shame you feel when a loved one unearths your old […]

  • Oh, wireless internet. How beautiful

    Oh, wireless internet. How beautiful you are. I’m actually on a shoot, right now. I’m sitting on the floor next to a monitor. The director is blocking out the next scene. The producers are discussing how they think it should look. I’m finished making script changes. Everyone is now teasing me for working on my […]

  • The good, the bad and the unknown.

    Working on this television show is teaching me how to add more specifics to my writing. When I write here, or a recap, or even a script Liz and I will eventually perform, there’s a tendency to write in shorthand, to deliver enough information that someone “gets it,” and then move on. Here I’m learning […]

  • pre-production

    We have spent the past week in pre-production at the Oxygen show. Pre-production means the producers are planning out the shooting schedule, while we rewrite the script over and over again until it satisfies the network, the budget and the cast (in that order). This is when it gets more intense, and a bit frustrating. […]

  • We found a copy of

    We found a copy of Wai Lana’s Yoga Sound CD here at the Oxygen office today. Stacey and I freaked out Johanna with our vast knowledge of this unique little woman. View half an hour of addictively creepy right here. Move over, Wendy. There’s a new recipe card queen in town. Do you think apple […]

  • Turning House to Home

    Still no DSL. I’m waiting for the dial-up to finish downloading email. With 367 pieces of spam and growing, I may be waiting for some time. We painted the living room/dining room. We moved in the plants. We unpacked some of the books and all of the CDs. It is now starting to look like […]