out loud

my cats get a world premiere of my show

Yesterday’s “Chubby Pamie and her Friends” entry generated quite a few e-mails telling me that I’m looking like Jay Leno.  Last night I was passing by MTV’s Fanatic and some poor girl was talking to Celine Dion.  I think, if you look again, you’ll notice that I actually look a bit like Celine.

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hot sweaty backs

pamie packs a punch

“Oh, hey,” Eric said to me last night before we went to sleep, “we don’t have to get on a plane tomorrow, do we?”

“No,” I replied.

“Good.  I don’t want to get on another plane for a while.”

Although the family reunion was a lot of fun, Eric and I are really tired of airplanes.  I swear the seats get smaller and hotter with each connecting flight.

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