Go, Meteorfights!

“Yikes, Holla. That’s a bruise.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Have you taken a picture of it yet?”


“You need to. And put it on the Internet and tell people to come to the bout.”


Right now I’m staring at my uniform which is hanging from the doorway to my kitchen. My gear is by my side, brand new helmet already scratched in the places where it saved me from harm. And I’m stoked. Continue reading

two ladies from the past



So, this is the worst day ever.

I’m sorry.

Cell phone broken. Internet broken. Husband out of town. No food. No wine. You’ve got a dead dog. Worst day ever.

Yeah, it’s not the best. And I think I’m getting a cold.

I have no way of communicating with anyone in the outside world, other than this phone right here.

It’s like you’re a woman from the past.

I wish I were a woman from the past. I might as well be.

Yeah, well. There are probably a lot of good things about us not being ladies in the past.

Huh. Such as.

Like, we’d both be on these phones with long cords and we’d be up to our elbows in meatloaf fixings.
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Virtual Book Tour: Devil in the Details: Scenes From an Obsessive Girlhood, by Jennifer Traig

pamie.com is thrilled to be a part of Virtual Book Tour once again. This time it’s Jennifer Traig’s hilarious Devil in the Details : Scenes From an Obsessive Girlhood. She promises me that the copy of the book I received had a binding issue, and wasn’t intentionally off-center by one centimeter. The three borderline obsessive-compulsives who tried to fix the book before a recent Writers Guild screening of Closer do not believe her. In fact, our discussion of how her publishing company was genius to make a book about obsessive-compulsive disorder have a small, irritating, disorderly flaw garnered the attention of more than one audience member sitting near us. In fact-in fact, the book held the attention of more than one Guild member much longer than Julia Roberts could. Apparently writers like things to be orderly, and Jennifer’s book was calling to us, asking to be fixed, begging to be righted, to be held and taken care of. Continue reading

Awkward Moments

I share too much

Eleanor is discussing Free To Be… You And Me on her site today, which makes me feel a bit better. You see, I recently spent $75 on eBay to acquire a pristine copy of the out-of-print video. I watched it when I was all Bronchy, and Eric didn’t seem to understand why I had shelled out so much cash for a children’s movie. It is very funky, but I started to wonder if maybe it was an embarrassing purchase.

I know that I used to fantasize about “The Pam Channel” when I was a kid. It was a twenty-four hour channel of all me, all of the time. I’m really glad now that this never surfaced. I’m very thankful that there aren’t permanent records of me during some particularly awkward and potentially embarrassing stages of my life.

Moments like… Continue reading

i lived with john travolta

and why i hate samantha mathis

I’ve lived with many famous people. It’s not something well known, and not something I brag about. Okay, I rarely tell a soul. Because if I tell you why or how I lived with these people, you may leave.

Or at least laugh.

But I want to be honest with you, my dear readers, so here goes….

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