Tag: Karma

  • inappropriate behavior

    On Sunday morning I got up very early to help Laura raise money for ovarian cancer. Afterwards we walked to my car in the parking garage, only to find someone had hit it, leaving a nasty scrape along the back bumper. “Oh, Pam. That’s…” “Someone hit my car.” “Looks like I’m buying breakfast. Hey, look!…

  • morning.


    Goooood morning. I’m early for a meeting, and there’s wireless here. Yesterday I had a 9:00 meeting on the other side of town, which meant I left at 7:30 and still was a few minutes late. This morning I have an 8:00 meeting, so I left the house at 6:30. I’m here almost a full…

  • carma (cliche entry heading #327)

    Q: What happens when I purchase plane tickets the week after I lose my job? A: My car immediately breaks down. Yes, you’re understanding that correctly. We have exactly one car in the house again, and it’s a rental because our other car has been stolen. Happy holidays!

  • Do it!

    I think it’s important to tell you that I am at the center of some freaky kind of job karma. People are landing dream jobs right and left of me, from book deals to television shows to newspaper gigs. They’re going after jobs they didn’t think they could get, and getting them. I’ve been telling…