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  • “Show Day!  It’s Show Day!”

    “Show Day! It’s Show Day!”

    As long as Irwin’s going down Postmortem Memory Lane, I thought I’d pull up this one of him on set. I can’t believe he didn’t tell the story of his very first day, when we had to go around the table answering some extremely personal questions concerning childhood trauma. I will never forget that look […]

  • best blurb ever.

    I don’t want to ruin it by telling the joke over here, but Irwin has written a line about my book that should be on the front cover. Go read. Then come back. (Ned-Voice) First of all (normal voice), that’s a very flattering essay (so thank you, sir). But to give you an example of […]

  • special delivery

    special delivery

    I had a very dork/skank moment at my front door this morning. I could hear the postman walking up the steps, but I was only in a towel, and anywhere I could have gone he would have seen me. So I stood very close to the door, hidden behind it, as these arrived:

  • more post-mortem

    I feel pretty lucky that the only time Ned ever called me on stage to introduce me to the live audience was to do an impression of a woman eating nachos, and it was between segments. Poor Irwin made it into clip show.

  • post mortem

    Friday was our last day of the second season (Season Three, coming to you at the top of next year). Many of us lingered around the office, sitting near our boxes of things, as nobody knows who will be back or when that would be. “We should be skipping out of here,” Irwin said. “And […]

  • more excuses

    I’m glad Irwin’s giving some excuses as to why the very last thing I want to do right now is write a blog entry. It’s 12:30 in the morning and I’ve just finished writing something that’s due tomorrow. This is the first night in a week that I got home from work before midnight. I […]

  • office mates

    I used to be very shy. A quiet girl who liked to read books and stay out of the way. I wrote a lot of stories to entertain myself, and I wrote them from inside a walk-in closet because I’m a dork. I avoided making new friends because I knew I’d end up moving, and […]

  • More Rebuttals

    If all this football talk makes you snore, I’ve got some gay cowboy action for you. Start with Irwin’s piece here (It may be the only screening of Brokeback that saw switchblades, at least in Los Angeles…).