Dear Houston,

Tough year, huh? If you’re not getting slammed from the excellent Enron movie, there’s a documentary about how fat you are, or how you recruit kids for the war while they’re trying to order lunch. Your representative is a crazy person. Then you’ve got Oprah interviewing the lady who ran over her husband a few times, and to top it all off, every single highway in your city is currently undergoing construction, making it near impossible to leave the house. This is so you can’t talk to each other, and come to the logical consensus that it’s time to get the hell out of Houston for a few years. Continue reading

Late at Night

I am restless.


Nothing sounds interesting. I tried watching television. Reruns. I tried reading my book. Short stories of Dorothy Parker just aren’t grabbing my attention tonight. I worked out. I cooked dinner. I cleaned. I took out the trash.

I’m listening for the neighbors, at this point. Continue reading

Goodbye, Houston

take care of them for me.

I think it’s safe to say the sad days at Squishy have officially begun. The next couple of weeks will probably be both sporadic and depressing. Deal with me, okay?

I’ve lost my voice. It was coming from this weekend, after a dueling Axl Rose session with both Matts (don’t ask), but I lost it big time last night.

That happens when I cry. When I cry for a long time. I tend to lose my voice.

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Two Stories

i finally got clearance

I had to wait a while to tell you these stories. I’ve finally been given permission. Actually, I think I was given permission a little while ago, but it wasn’t until I was looking at the picture sent by the car dealership of Eric and me standing in front of the new car, next to the old Club Pro that I remembered the little extra something someone will get when they buy Club Pro off that lot.

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little voice

I’m feeling a bit better

Well, what happens when you sit around your house for two days feeling sorry for yourself and not talking?

Your voice comes back.

Not completely, but enough for me to come back to work.  Enough for me to get out of the house, which I really needed.  Last night I was so bored from sitting around my house that I fell asleep at eleven.  I haven’t done that in I don’t know how long.

Because so much time has passed since my last “real” entry, things are starting to blur and fade.  The wholeness of the weekend is starting to break up into moments that I don’t want to forget.  Now I just have little notes to myself:


things to remember…

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