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  • Taken.

    About sixteen seconds after you finish your first derby practice you start to think about your derby name. It becomes pretty much an obsession. Every name you hear gets twisted into a violent and/or sexy pun. It might seem silly, but it becomes an all-consuming task, because you are essentially naming your alter ego. Your […]

  • week four.

    First: does anybody know why Moveable Type now hates me? It seems to be unable to understand that “inbox, part four” and “inbox, part five,” are not the same entry. Same with “Marathon, part one” and “marathon, part two.” Trying to rename the old entries doesn’t seem to help, as it doesn’t change them in […]

  • inbox, part three.

    [readermail] Pamie, You probably don’t remember me – I met you at the first journalcon – and we had written at the time (although I’d say the last time was … oh about 7 years ago) – I still have the tae bo tapes you sent me – not that I’m using them anymore. I […]

  • office space

    office space

    I keep planning on sitting down to write my Festival of Books story. I haven’t forgotten. Instead: Two Office-related thoughts in my head lately. The first was after hearing that Jenna Fischer broke her back at the upfronts by slipping on marble stairs while wearing heels. “That’s exactly what will happen to me if I […]

  • good morning.

    Dear Neighbor Of Mine Who Recently Bought a Rooster: Why?

  • i’m awesome.

    Home alone on a Friday night. Two cats sleeping next to me. Gilmore Girls paused on TiVo. The episode aired January 10th. I’m a little behind in my television watching. I am smelly. I got home from work at 7:45 and proceeded to eat the biggest cheeseburger I’ve had since I left Texas.

  • Sometimes Dan and I are sharing a couch.

    As we were a few nights ago, bored with an episode of Gilmore Girls. So bored, in fact, that one of us pretended to be asleep, head thrown violently back, throat full of sound.

  • Stars Hollow-een

    We were talking about scary movies at work when someone said, “You know the last thing I did that really scared me? I rode my bike back from the stage to the office last night.” I knew exactly what he was about to say. “Oh, God!” I shouted. “You rode through Stars Hollow at night!” […]

  • push up your glasses.

    It’s been very hard to keep cool when working with all these writers who’ve done things I admire. It’s happened at all three of these last jobs, where I’m sitting, chatting with someone, and part of my brain will suddenly realize he wrote an episode of television that became a memorable Thanksgiving, or he created […]

  • Gilmore Girls Recap 5.10

    Help-A-Gilmore Day: Rory wants to show a young Chilton girl a grand Yale time, but that requires the cooperation of everyone in her life. Same goes for Lorelai, when she wants to do something nice for Luke. Even her pregnant friends have to haul around furniture. When Rory’s “humiliated” in her class by Logan and […]