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  • Life Lesson #32: Don’t Go To A Birthday Party That Starts At 10:00 pm.

    Life Lesson #32: Don’t Go To A Birthday Party That Starts At 10:00 pm.

    I’m the only person at the Standard Cafe. The wireless won’t be working until at least next week, so I’m currently swiping WiFi from the Sunset Strip, trying to nurse my stomach back into working order. It’s all my fault, this feeling. Well, it’s a little not my fault, but it’s mostly my fault.

  • push up your glasses.

    It’s been very hard to keep cool when working with all these writers who’ve done things I admire. It’s happened at all three of these last jobs, where I’m sitting, chatting with someone, and part of my brain will suddenly realize he wrote an episode of television that became a memorable Thanksgiving, or he created […]

  • Why Girls Are Weird By the Numbers

    Amazon has added a brand new evil feature. Now you can find out how many letters, words and characters are in the pages of Why Girls Are Weird. You can find out how many “complex words” I used (6%). You can find out what grade education is needed to understand the book (4.8). Sorry, third […]

  • serious talk.

    over a cigarette. or nine. [scripty] BOY Can I ask you a question? PAMIE Sure. BOY Do I look like a geek to you? PAMIE What do you mean? BOY Like… am I overly-geek? PAMIE I think you’re an okay level of geek. BOY Are you sure? PAMIE Pretty sure. BOY Like, what’s an okay […]


    trying to make the most out of my situation Last night I had a dream that The Mighty Kymm and I were sitting around trying to figure out each other’s FTP passwords. We were giggling fiendishly as we’d figure out each other’s codes. Then we called up Diane and had fun hacking into her journal […]

  • i’m not proud

    confessions and pathetic whining I had a new experience two days ago. I have not written about it before because I don’t really understand it, and I am a bit ashamed.  Mortified, really.  Okay, I’ll just fess up.  Here goes: