japanese fan mail is awesome!

from: ヤマモト ケニー
subject: jhnnydepp Q&A


I have a q for you.

what type is johnnydepp’s bloodtype?

meybe B?

Do you know it ?

Plese teach me!

Save the earth

congrats to all the pamie.com book drive winners

Hi Pamie,

This is exciting news! I was happy to make a donation to this year’s book drive. Being rewarded with a signed copy of your newest just adds to the warm fuzzies. (And since I’ve been married for 7 months, I can have “Cold Feet” on my nightstand without freaking out my honey!)

Thanks for giving us a way to make a difference in the world. I spend a lot of time worrying about MY problems. It was nice to help solve somebody else’s.

You’re amazing. Keep it up!
Amy F

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Fan Mail

Which one of you did this?

Subject: Oh my dearest Pamie!
Date: September 21, 2004 10:51:33 PM PDT
To: pamie@pamie.com

My God, you are lovely. Please allow me to wisk you away on a romantic journey with my magical flying carriage and my sarcastic horse, Whiskers. We shall see the stars, grasp heaven in our interlocked hands, and later return to the suite, where I shall prepare for you a candlelight dinner and serenade you with tunes that I wrote in the morning.

Oh, that your beauty has touched my heart, Pamie!

With longing and desire to hold you so close,

– Michael Jones, musician and author of ‘The Gentleman’s Guide to Doin’ it From Behind’

Ray, I’m looking in your direction.

Pity Party

Originally I was going to just try all of the different suggestions you sent in for my armpit problem. I wanted to write back to each and every one of you and let you know how grateful I was that you wanted to help and to let you know how it went.

Well. That was before close to one hundred of you wrote in to explain how you’ve approached your pit dilemma. Now I’m just going to have to address all of you here by showing you a bit of my mail bag.

As we start reading letter after letter, you might notice that it appears it’s only women who have this deodorant-streaking problem. It can’t just be fancy tight-fitting clothes, as I know some of you fancier men read and none of you knew what the hell I was talking about. I’m really thinking it has something to do with boobs, and the deodorant made for women.

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