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  • japanese fan mail is awesome!

    [readermail] from: ヤマモト ケニー subject: jhnnydepp Q&A Hay!! I have a q for you. what type is johnnydepp’s bloodtype? meybe B? Do you know it ? Plese teach me! Save the earth [/readermail]

  • congrats to all the pamie.com book drive winners

    [readermail] Hi Pamie, This is exciting news! I was happy to make a donation to this year’s book drive. Being rewarded with a signed copy of your newest just adds to the warm fuzzies. (And since I’ve been married for 7 months, I can have “Cold Feet” on my nightstand without freaking out my honey!) […]

  • Fan Mail

    Which one of you did this? [readermail] Subject: Oh my dearest Pamie! Date: September 21, 2004 10:51:33 PM PDT To: pamie@pamie.com My God, you are lovely. Please allow me to wisk you away on a romantic journey with my magical flying carriage and my sarcastic horse, Whiskers. We shall see the stars, grasp heaven in […]

  • Pity Party

    Originally I was going to just try all of the different suggestions you sent in for my armpit problem. I wanted to write back to each and every one of you and let you know how grateful I was that you wanted to help and to let you know how it went. Well. That was […]