Al Went Home for the Holidays

and all I got was this lousy guest entry

Y’all, I was in the car for 12 hours yesterday. Creeping across the Southeast in the rain, ice, sleet and snow, just like the US Postal Service, except I’m fairly certain no postman, even on his longest route would ever dream of putting on a performance such I did in the driver’s seat.

I am a car-dancer. I admit it. Hell, I’m a car-Diana-Ross. I sing and sing and sing and flail around like a drag queen, imagining myself alternately as Gwen Stefani, Whitney Houston, Maria Callas, Marvin Gaye and all the members of the B-52s and REM, combined. (I seriously do a mean Tina Turner circa the Ike years also, but that is a story for a different day.) Twelve hours down I-20 yesterday, from Birmingham to Dallas, with more than 200 cds in the car…well…people, it was a rolling sideshow.

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so scary, so cute

excuses and cars
I’ll give all of the excuses first. They’re good ones.

I’ve missed like, two weeks now of real entries. I know. I’m sorry. I just… first of all, it kinda feels like I’m on Christmas vacation. It’s colder out, and I’m watching bad videos while I write Christmas Cards or online shop, and I spend all day thinking about things I’ll be doing later, after the holidays. It feels like a break because I’m up until two in the morning playing Bargain Hunter with Eric, or taking Ray to the airport at the crack of dawn, or hearing about parties and plans and so, I don’t know, I just sort of forget where the time has gone.

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