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  • How to Rock a Film Festival (and my AFF panel info)

    How to Rock a Film Festival (and my AFF panel info)

    In less than a month I’ll be at the Austin Film Festival, where I will once again attempt to balance seeing friends and schmoozing, which will result in some terrible hits to my liver.

  • So what had happened was–

    So what had happened was–

    It’s a couple days before Christmas, I’m at Grand Central Station, and there’s some time before the train to Connecticut. Not a lot of time, but some time. Enough to grab a drink. There’d been some drinking the night before, so I didn’t want another glass of wine. I just wanted something to sip while […]

  • aw, go ‘ohwn.

    I had a meeting yesterday in the office across from the office where I had my very first feature general meeting, almost four years ago. About thirty seconds into our conversation — and I never do this — I asked the woman I’d just met, “Are you from Texas or Louisiana?” She stopped for a […]

  • Chris and Allison’s Wedding

    “I just want one of those damn entries out there to just be called ‘Chris and Allison’s Wedding.’ Is that so hard? Can’t it just say that and then talk about how pretty the wedding was?” I would have done that anyway, even if the bride hadn’t specifically requested it, because the wedding was perfect. […]

  • I Think I Might Be Hungover

    Well, at least I finally got some sleep. Somewhere after three in the morning last night I finally went to bed. I just took the most memorable shower. This place has a shower that feels like a car wash. I started laughing in there, it was so sarcastic. “Oh, you need a shower?” SPLOOOSSSHHH! It […]

  • Why I Should Turn My Computer Off at Night

    From: pamie <pamie@pamie.com> Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2002 01:37:27 -0700 Subject: breitney i am drunk and emailing, which is never good. i will now type without going back and editing, which i’ve been doing up until now, which is slowing me down, considerably. i watched crossroads tonight and drank a lot. i love that movie […]

  • The Pouty Princess

    roasted and toasted Oh, people. I’ve got good friends. I know I have good friends because they said nice things about me last night and made sure I had things to drink and brought gifts and the meanest thing someone could come up with about is is that we’re bad tippers. To be honest, Eric […]

  • weekend lessons

    you pick up a few things here and there. I’m going broke from everyone’s wish lists. It’s way too easy to just click and send. But in any event, thanks to Daniel, Erica and Kim, whose gifts arrived on Friday afternoon. Eric is starting to look jealous. The weekend was spent shopping, performing, eating, and […]

  • joy sauce

    haiku for the hungover Good-bye party fun. All my good friends showed up there. They made me feel good. we played poker late. i think tequila was there. hey i won twelve bucks.

  • welcome to new orleans

    welcome to new orleans

    my initial impressions We got into New Orleans late last night.  The plane was late getting out of Houston because they had “cargo on board that had to remain in Houston.”  I shouted out to the plane, “Okay, who brought the drugs?” but no one answered.  I calculated that staying on the ground for an […]