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  • doping.  just not me.

    doping. just not me.

    Taylor’s pre-game ritual. [courtesy of ab chao’s derby pics.]

  • pill pusher

    pill pusher

    It’s been three attempts now of trying to get Cal to take two pills and switch to wet (diet) food in order to treat his asthma. That’s six pills and half a can. That means I’ve accidentally eaten about half an antibiotic, more than a few fingertips worth of cat food, and almost gave Taylor […]

  • updating without a story, just facts

    This is an entry purely because you have been emailing frequently (and wonderfully, thank you) to inquire about Taylor and other things that have been going on. Taylor is sacked out next to me looking quite happy. We won’t test him again for another month — the vet wants to see if the DM special […]

  • regulating

    I don’t think I can accurately describe how much cat puke I just picked up. It’s one in the morning. I’m currently staring at Taylor, watching him drink water, waiting to make sure he’s not about to go into some kind of seizure. At my last job there were many new parents, the kind who […]

  • “Wait. Am I me, or am I a hooker in Mexico?”

    Last night at dinner, as the waiter was bringing our cocktails, he asked, “And are you two having a wonderful Valentine’s Day?” There was about a two-second pause before stee and I said at the same time, “No.” The waiter said, “Well, then here are your drinks, and I’ll just keep them coming.”

  • where i’ve been.

    where i’ve been.

    I’ve been emailing this morning with Heather and Jessica about how I’ve always wanted to change the letters on the HOLLYWOOD sign to read HURRYUPANDWAIT.

  • The good, the bad and the unknown.

    Working on this television show is teaching me how to add more specifics to my writing. When I write here, or a recap, or even a script Liz and I will eventually perform, there’s a tendency to write in shorthand, to deliver enough information that someone “gets it,” and then move on. Here I’m learning […]