The day I have to finally admit that I might be rapidly turning into Hoda.

I’ve mentioned before, but probably not on, that I watch Kathie Lee and Hoda most mornings. That’s not exactly true — I have it on while I’m working. Depending on which part of the house I choose to work from that day (couch if I’m feeling frustrated, desk if I’m feeling self-punishey), I will let the TV do its thing from The Today Show all the way to that silly fourth hour of booze and constant chit-chattering. It makes me feel like I’m at an office, stuck in a corporate job I can’t stand, and I’ve got Kathie Lee and Hoda at the next cube going on and on and on about a movie one liked that the other didn’t that starred an actor whose name they can’t remember, or they’re ranting about a young starlet whose behavior they don’t understand, or sometimes — unfortunately — Kathie Lee’s talking about her sex life with her husband. But they really do make me feel better about my drinking, as most days I wait until at least after two to drink as much as these two sloshy ladies Continue reading

Paul Anka: Rock Swings

Song: “True

I’m the first to admit I don’t know anything about musical arrangements, so the genius of this album is apparently lost on me. I’ve watched my music-geek friends geek out on this one, which means it must be impressive. For me it sounds like going to Karaoke with some friends, and watching Matt Bearden pretend to be a lounge singer while Nirvana plays in the background. But again, I don’t know anything about music theory.

I do know, however, that every time I hear Paul Anka sing Spandau Ballet’s finest work, it sounds like he’s mocking them, just a bit.

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