flashback: one month ago
Eric and Pamie go to see a movie. Afterwards they stop to buy some clothing. When Eric goes to pay he realizes that he doesn’t have his check card anymore. He left it in the ATM when he pulled cash before the film. Even though The Eyes of Tammy Faye was a short movie, there was no way his card would still be sticking out of the ATM. Eric calls and cancels his card. Luckily, the card was sucked back inside the ATM and no one had made any large withdrawals or transactions on his card while he was learning about The 700 Club.

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Testosterone, Estrogen and Growing Pains.

and then a weekend!

Okay. Testosterone.

I haven’t even owned this Honda Civic for a full day and I’m already convinced that every other driver on the road is trying to kill me. They want to hit my new car and scratch it when I park. I’m almost hoping to get that first scratch or dent soon so that I won’t be so ultra paranoid.

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weezer, airports, cell phones, la and stee

I can’t believe Bush is going to choose Dick Cheney for his running mate. I can only apologize in advance for the months, if not years of open mic night abuse with the punchline “Bush and Dick.”

Friday night was spent inside an airplane. The entire night. The flight from Austin to Dallas only takes an hour. After that I got on my connecting flight to LA. And then we sat there.

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i’m so excited

Originally I was going to write my piece on the MTV video awards nominations. That will have to wait until Tuesday. I’ve sorta run out of time. I still have to pack. I still have some work on the anime show.

I have a photographer coming here in an hour to take pictures of me for that article.

My house is never clean enough. I’m hoping I can convince him to take my picture in a corner of my room.

I miss Eric.

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She's De-Nasty

i thought i was the normal one.

if you’re related to me or e, or even if you just know us, you might just want to skip this entry.

Okay, so I gathered my receipts, looked up the number, and called the garage that screwed me over. I talked to the manager on duty and he was outraged at my story. He told me that he wants me to get all of my money back, but he can’t authorize it. He gave me the address of the owners, and asked me to write them a letter telling them what I told him. That way he can ask if they will reimburse me. He then told me that he’ll stay at the garage all afternoon and wait for me, and if I come in this afternoon he’ll take a look at my car himself.

Outraged, the man was.

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maybe it will at least entertain you.

ATTENTION! ATTENTION! We have reports that pamie actually changed a litter box and brought the old trashbag of used kitty litter all the way down to the dumpster. Rumors of a clean kitchen have been dispelled. But we have confirmed a cleaning of a litter box. The apartment has not imploded. I repeat, the apartment has not imploded. Thank you.

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don’t mess with my phone service

Attention Texans: Do not sign up for AT&T Local Service. They will jack your ass around. They lied to me repeatedly, and I’ve spent over nine hours of my life waiting for the Next Available Representative. They said that I wouldn’t even notice the switch from Southwestern Bell to AT&T. I asked five different representatives if specifically my Call Notes would be affected. Each one said no. They assured me that it would be a seamless switch.

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