here’s what i get for bragging…

I just got my parking spot moved. I swear, I hadn’t said anything to anyone about how awesome it was to have a parking spot. One late night confession, and look what happens! Now I’m tandem! Tandem! Which one of you has the Voodoo doll?


At the risk of sounding like I make up every crazy thing that happens around here, a car just crashed into the front of my neighbor’s house.

Everybody’s okay, the car’s pretty much totaled and the house suffered worse damage than one would think. I was just sitting here working when I saw a car roll right into the house. I guess they were turning around, using my neighbor’s driveway, when the brakes failed. Boom. The cats were so instantly alarmed that I thought somehow the car had crashed into our house even though I saw what had happened.

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Time Traveler

listen carefully

I’m writing to you from the future.

Since today’s my last day at work, mostly I’m going back and forth between last minute work-things, and completely goofing off. One of these goof-offs has taken me into the future, where I’m speaking to you now. I should tell you that it’s pretty nice here, in the future, mostly because I’m still alive, which just a few moments ago, I didn’t think I would be.

You see, my boss just took me out driving in the car she has borrowed for the weekend.

It’s a BMW Z3.

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a matter of time, i know.


Deep breath.

It was bound to happen. It’s probably a good thing that it happened.

It needed to happen, maybe, even, kinda.

There is a scratch. On the car.

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The House of Smut Revealed

corrupting the mormon dolls

Oh, man. I didn’t think it was possible, but I’m going to spend even more money today than I’ve ever spent not writing bills. is bigger than the hosting plan I just bought. What does that mean for you? Well, it means I’m moving the site again, and in maybe a week or so the IP will transfer and we’ll have that couple of days where you might not be on the new IP. This will only make a difference in the forum for maybe a day or two.

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Hey, Hey, Hello!

club protege’s up on ya, baby

All right, check it.

Oh, my God. It’s me. Club Protege. You may know me as Pamie’s car.

But today, I’m running things. I’m all, like, right here and shit, telling you the latest, ah-ight?

In fact, my latest prank on pamie is so crazy-good that I’m telling all of my friends about it right now.

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maybe it will at least entertain you.

ATTENTION! ATTENTION! We have reports that pamie actually changed a litter box and brought the old trashbag of used kitty litter all the way down to the dumpster. Rumors of a clean kitchen have been dispelled. But we have confirmed a cleaning of a litter box. The apartment has not imploded. I repeat, the apartment has not imploded. Thank you.

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big baby

just hand me a pacifier, already

I’m in that weird period right now just before everything happens.  In two weeks we have a show, and starting this weekend we work more intensely on it, so right now, I’m sort of mulling it through my head preparing the show order and how we’ll do this and that… oh yeah, I’m directing it.

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