Don't Let Me Watch Your Kids

and give it up for another Cute Single Boy of the Week

We’ve got a forum topic going on disgusting things you’ve found in someone’s house, and it brought back a terrible memory of the Last Time Pamie Ever Really Considered Baby-sitting As a Form of Income.

First of all, I should explain that I was never really a good baby-sitter to begin with. Terrible. Awful. Your kid cries, I start crying. It just happens. The two of us will sit there all day long crying while you’re out and when you come back I give you a wet, sobby baby and I whimper as I take the ten dollars from your hand and I leave and hopefully never return.

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i've got a nice beat, and you can bug out to me.

i just never took it so literally.

Ugh! Ih! Ih! Ih!

I should just go home right now. I need to go home and start my weekend and just get a whole bunch of work done and pretend that the past five minutes didn’t just happen because they have been too damaging.


I went out for a smoke break. It has been rainy in Austin for the past week, and today it’s rather sunny and warm. This means that our smoke break area is filled with all sorts of insects and creepy-crawlies who are trying to find a new home. The wall/bench we sit on has caterpillars and inchworms and small ants and things. I don’t really freak out about those kinds of bugs, although my friend does, so he kept his distance while I sat around nature and had my break.

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