Letter from Sanjeev, at Asha for Education

Hi Pam,

Yep, our national team was a little surprised and got in touch with us before reopening for donations. They are aware of the fundraiser now and there should be no issues. The response has of course been absolutely amazing!

I think we should aim for all 2400 kids and then stop there. No doubt it may be possible to raise more funds, but since we are raising funds for a specific district we should only address the requirements that our volunteers in the grassroots have brought forward and will be able to implement.

Pam, matching donations is certainly possible. For some companies the e-reciepts that people received is enough for them to file for a matching. For others, there is a form that they need to fill and get it signed by the treasurer. In that case they should send it to Asha Portland’s address.


First goal: $3500 — met in two days.
Let’s have a second goal — $7000.
The final goal, sponsoring every single kid who needs school supplies in Kancheepuram, is $11064.

We’ve already sent close to one thousand kids back to school with all of their needs met. Like book drives in the past, readers like you have taken collections at your offices, your dorms, your communities, and spread the word.

The donations are still coming in! The very next donor will be number one hundred!

Thank you so much.

book drive update

With just 61 donations, we’ve already raised $2831. In one day. I think we just might hit that $3500 goal.

That’s 614 kids going back to school with books, notebooks, pencils, a uniform and a backpack. Thank you so much!

pamie.com’s Annual Book Drive

It’s Back.

Please help again this year. And if you’ve never helped before, now’s a great time to start.

I am passionate about every book drive we’ve done, and this one is no exception. Once again you’ll be helping children, families, communities and education systems deliver information, entertainment, knowledge and hope.

This year’s area in crisis is Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu, India.

(Questions or comments? Please use the forum topic on this fundraiser instead of the comments section on this post. Thanks!)

Letter From a Rancho Librarian

Pamie –

As your book drive for San Diego County Library comes to a close, the community of Rancho San Diego wants to express its sincere thanks for your thoughtfulness and the generosity of your readers. The books we’ve been sent have built our collection up and provided more of what our customers want and need. If there is anyone still looking for the opportunity to contribute books to our library, the youth services list has been expanded to include several variations on Jack and the Beanstalk, as well as books on the Olympics, something we definitely need more of in this Olympics year!

We continue to be touched by the response to this drive. Thanks to everyone, far and wide!

Barbara Sutton
Youth Services Librarian
San Diego County Library
Rancho San Diego Branch
11555 Via Rancho San Diego
El Cajon, CA 92019

Letter From a San Marcos Librarian

Hi Pamie,

My name is Katrina, and I am the Youth Services Librarian at the San Marcos Branch of the San Diego County Library.

Thanks to your efforts in promoting SDCL’s Amazon wish lists, we are the lucky recipients of 18 books (so far)! Since our information was posted in your bookdrive blog, we have been steadily receiving shipments from people across the country! I am overwhelmed and not just a little choked up as items arrive here at the branch.

Thank you so much for thinking of us — what a wonderful gift to the children and teens in our community!

Katrina Neville
Youth Services Librarian
San Marcos Branch
San Diego County Library