Victoria's Secret?

no boobs

I’ve been thinking about getting a new car.

Because that’s crazy talk, I instead fixed the AC in my car, and then went clothes shopping.

Here’s the deal: I really hate buying bras. First of all, I think they are just way too expensive. You can buy ten pairs of panties for the price of one good bra. And you have to buy the good bras, because I’ve found the ten dollar variety will come apart in the wash, or the underwire will jab through and slice up the underside of your breast. I’m not having that.

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i give you breasts for a day

Inside cold, outside hot. Inside cold, outside hot. Must be summertime in Texas.

My original plan was to move from Texas before the summer. So I escaped this heat. Since that is no longer happening, and my move got bumped until the fall, now I’m just using it as a reminder. “You hate this heat. You won’t have to live in this heat anymore.” It’s like a punishment. I’m hoping it works.

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