i go solo

and keep forgetting things about diane

It’s all over.

But I’ve got a good story.

Friday afternoon I got to the Comedy Sportz playhouse bright and early (2:30pm) to go over the show with Chuy and then take a look at the stage. They were teaching a defensive driving class at the time, so I dawdled by watching the ice skaters. Chuy had some pizza. I had a coffee and some leg twitching. We walked into the theatre and took a look at the small stage and looked around the space. There’s a section of the piece where I run off-stage and come back on from a different location. It wasn’t going to be easy in this space, especially if there were a lot of people coming.

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“did you remember to…”

why i might get killed backstage

Sorry about the past couple of days.  My computer access has been limited.  To make it up to you, I offer a brand new Get Real Wrap on MightyBigTV.

So tonight begins the weekend of comedy auditions.  Tonight we do our sketch show for an HBO representative.  I will spend all night long in a bar with six other troupes.  We will start at seven, and it won’t stop until the last troupe does their forty minutes.  It’s gonna be a long night.

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