Project Cookstoves Video

I know you’re like, “Look, Pamie. Your essays were great. But when do I get to see you in Guatemala trying to be all Anderson Cooper, but eventually just having to use your inhaler?”

By the way, I made a $400 donation to Project Cookstoves for one cookstove on behalf of If you feel like spreading some holiday cheer their way, any little bit helps.

I want to thank those of you who have already donated to the project. They send me names, and I recognize a lot of generous people on their lists. You guys are the coolest, time and time again. Thanks and happy holidays.

(Here’s the video embedded, but it’s too wide for the column and I am so frustrated with movable type and my ancient website that hasn’t had an update in over four years. I mean, it’s pathetic. 2011– I had better figure out a way to get this site in gear. Anyway: please click the link above to go to the YouTube page for the video.)

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