Yes! The Dewey Donation System is Back!

Oh, boy. I have no web skills anymore, people. But what I do have is a stack of free copies of GOING IN CIRCLES and a desire to help out some libraries.

Do you guys miss Dewey like I do? Okay, good. Because I put up a small contest for this week.

Down and Dewey Book Drive

I’ll do the work if you do the clicking. Each day I’ll throw a few wishlists up, each helping a different library in need, and one donor a day will receive a free, signed copy of my book. You can enter as many times as you like, and for as many days as you like. I figure we can tag a few wishlists a day, giving lovely surprises to librarians all over the place.

Today’s wishlists are for Children’s Hospitals. Go, give, and spread the word! Dewey’s been on Facebook since you were on Friendster, and he has a brand spanking new Twitter account.

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