Los Angeles Derby Dolls: Fight Crew vs. Varsity Brawlers

The nationally renowned L.A. Derby Dolls, Southern California’s premiere all-female, banked track roller derby league, terminate their summer hiatus on Saturday, August 29 with a sure-to-be brutal brawl between the Fight Crew and the rookie team, the Varsity Brawlers.

The Fight Crew, stocked with bloodthirsty vets like Captains Janis Choplin and Haught Wheels, have received a kick in the hotpants with a renewed vigor this season but still have not chalked up a much-needed victory. The aggressive ladies in red and black, notorious for the hardest hits in the league, suffered two heartbreaking losses, one in double overtime, and would like nothing more than to educate the upstart Varsity Brawlers.

Led by Captains Long Island Lolita and Razorslut, the Varsity Brawlers stunned nearly 2,000 fans when they kept the Sirens in hot pursuit their entire April bout (in the end, devastatingly losing by 6 points in the last jam of the game). The Brawlers are looking to continue to earn respect with a win and prove that the students are now the teachers.

Whichever team wins this match will earn their first victory of the season, and the biggest winners will be the lucky fans in attendance. The hits will be that much harder, the speeds that much faster, and there will be blood on the banked track.

Tickets are now available to purchase here. We WILL sell out so buy your tickets now and save money and heartache!

Promo Directed by The Two-And-Only Geoff and Seth.
Retro Voiceover by Geoff Knight.

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