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At this exact moment, is a cat blog.

So I’m working at home all day on Friday, and Tove spends literally the entire day sitting in my lap. Like, to the point where I have to reach around him on both sides to navigate my hands onto the computer keyboard. He was not to be budged. So I clicked the below shot with my camera phone and couldn’t stop laughing for an hour. Here’s the picture, and then we’ll discuss:


Do you see what I see? Namely the fact that one of his paws isn’t in the shot, making it look like he lifted the camera up and took the picture of himself? Also, dig the laptop and the planner and the Trader Joe’s cereal and the Tivo remote and the running shoes all in the background. Why is it that he has all of the same stuff I have, and yet he looks so much cooler than I ever do?

I emailed it to Eric. As he so aptly put it in response, “That is SO his MySpace picture.” Which is so going to happen. He does, after all, already have an email address.

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