Scissor Sisters: Ta-Dah

Song: “Paul McCartney

Knocking “Amnesiac” off the shelf for most intricate packaging, the two-CD set of “Ta-Dah” (complete with mini-poster, just in case I still have some kind of locker), makes me happy.

There’s no “Filthy/Gorgeous” on this album, and by that I mean nothing got me out of my chair and jamming. Maybe it’s because I’m not in the right mood. I didn’t start my day off happy, and I figured this might help. And while I’m playing it at probably the right level of volume, only during “I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’” and “Kiss You Off” did I find myself with a case of the booty shakes.

They do make me want to put glitter on my face and slide on a pair of platform boots. And make me wish John Cameron Mitchell wanted to put me in his movies. I suppose that makes me wish I was cool enough to be in a John Cameron Mitchell movie.

Stream of consciousness writing doesn’t work when I haven’t finished a cup of coffee. Do I sound like a musical robot?

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