The Postal Service: Give Up

Song: “Brand New Colony

When it’s time to come up with new pitches, I tend to turn my headphones up and try to figure out what’s been pissing me off or making me laugh. This song screwed up my game.

See, like right now it’s launched into Franz Ferdinand, and usually it’ll play The Strokes, or System of a Down, but this Postal Service song made everything stop and got me terribly sad. I know I’m tired. I know it’s a by-product of working my ass off, but when I get like this, I’m terribly susceptible to a good song.

It might just be the Postal Service in general, how their songs take me away immediately. If they’d been around back when I made mix tapes for my car (…who’m I trying to kid? for boys.), these songs would have been jammed in between Jane’s Addiction and The Pixies. (My iPod just started playing The Breeders, as if it’s actually playing the soundtrack to this post).

I’m reading Hairstyles of the Damned right now, and by that I mean every three days I get to read a page or two, but it’s all about that time in high school when you’re kind of punk and your best friend has got his own shit going on, so you’re feeling terribly lonely and music is all you have to help you understand yourself. It would have been my favorite book in the world if I’d read it at sixteen.

The Postal Service is very good at making music that sounds like the most important moments in your life. Not the montage times — when you’re driving to work, when you’re in the shower, when you’re ordering another coffee. Their music is for that time you make eye contact with that person who’s going to change your life forever, for that moment you take that first step into the living room of your new home, and for that second your brain makes your mouth say, “Yes.”

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