Chingy: Jackpot

Song: “Right Thurr

Sometimes I just wanna listen to Chingy, alright? There’s nothing wrong with that. The other night I had to defend “Gold Digger” to Sara, because she was convinced the song was some kind of Leykis 101 anthem. We played the song as I interpreted: “I’m not saying this woman is dating men purely for their money, trying to lead them into some kind of financial trap, but I do think this is the kind of woman who doesn’t have time to entangle romantically with men who don’t possess a certain level of fiscal responsibility.”

By the way, if you ever want Dan to leave your house in less than three minutes, just start playing rap songs at top volume, calmly rationalizing the lyrics as if you’re delivering a speech. He’ll be gone so quickly you’ll find skidmarks.

This morning I went for a long run, because the weather was nice and I’ve been feeling guilty for the lack of exercise over the past couple of weeks. My iPod rewarded me with a nice shuffle. This happened last night, too. With so many songs, usually you get stuck in a weird rut (as I’ve written before). This one was so good I wrote it down when I got to the coffee shop to work, because I think it’s a playlist worth saving. Somehow Rob Gordon sat down with my iPod and made a mix tape for me.

“Since You’ve Been Gone” — Aretha Franklin
(For setting the Forerunner, putting on earphones, doing some mental stretching to get psyched enough to actually do this damn thing.)

“I’ve Seen It All” — Bjork and Thom Yorke
(For the walk, warming up.)

“Far Gone And Out” — The Jesus & Mary Chain
(As I climb the enormous stairs that lead to the top of the hills I run through.)

“Pretty Little Ditty” — Red Hot Chili Peppers
(As I try to catch my breath and prepare for actual running.)

“Something I Can Never Have” — Nine Inch Nails

(To start easy, jogging for a little while.)

(See, if I start with Rage Against the Machine or System of a Down, I have a tendency to go really quickly from the beginning (I’d much rather run as fast as I can for short distances than go for a long time. Also the word fartlek makes me laugh. A lot.))

“Fools In Love” — Inara George
“Everybody Plays The Fool” — The Main Ingredient”
all mine” — Portishead”Too Long” — Daft Punk
“Run On” — Moby
“I’m Happy Just To Dance With You” — The Beatles
“Everloving” — Moby
(Running at a good pace.)

“Falling For You” — Weezer
(For when I hate myself and want to catch a bus home)
“Pink Moon” — Nick Drake
“For You Blue” — The Beatles
“Pay It Back” — Elvis Costello
“52nd Street” — Billy Joel
(So I think about things other than running.)
“National Anthem” — The Postal Service
(For when my brain needs to go numb and not feel any running, to put myself on autopilot to finish.)
“Salute My Shorts!” — Rilo Kiley
(Another boost.)
“Solitude” — Ella Fitzgerald
“Used To Be” — Violent Femmes
(Because I feel like I’m going to die and the iPod has a sense of humor.)
“So Here We Are” — Bloc Party
(Which started just as I could see my house again.)
My Forerunner had something weird happen to it early in the run, so it says I ran 300 miles in just over an hour. I’ll take the stats. I could use the boost in numbers.

Yes, that playlist was really an excuse to show you that I spent most of the day not listening to Chingy, so get off my case.

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