what all music should sound like

In general, I don’t listen to much KCRW. Among certain, much-more-hipster-than-thou audiences in LA, the preceding statement would be akin to telling a seven year-old girl, “I do not find small kittens to be adorable. Oh, and you can’t actually become a princess when you grow up.” But, I’m sorry, a lot of the shows on that station feature a) amorphous trance rock with an unrelenting drumbeat created by a robot and b) women rapping in French.

But, while lost in the Valley yesterday, I was too preoccupied to plug in my iPod and listened to about twenty minutes of “Weekend Becomes Eclectic.” This is where I heard the best song ever, a folky pop song that combines something good about every band I’ve ever liked, replete with semi-ironic handclaps. While driving, I scrawled down the time of day I heard the song and the song that came after it (a trying-too-hard cover of “Norwegian Wood”), and cross-referenced it against the playlists on the KCRW website. This is how I was introduced to “Lives of Crime,” the opening track from the latest Fruit Bats album. Go download it and your mood will stay good always.

Don’t make me beg.

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