good and bad conversation of the day


Me: I mean, yes. I suck at pool, but it’s fun to finally have, like, an actual hobby.

My editor: You know I have a pool table in my house.

Me: You have a what table in the where now?

My editor: It’s on a little balcony that overlooks the large-screen TV.

My writing partner: Do you live in a sports bar?

My editor: Do you guys want to come over on…

Both: Yes.


Me: He’s cute.

Random coworker: Who?

Me: Him. The guy in casting.

Random coworker: Casting?

Me: Yeah.

Random coworker: Boyfriend.

Me: You sure?

Random coworker: Yep.

Me: That’s all right. I’m probably, like, eighty years older than him anyway.

Random coworker: Probably.

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