babbling while the coffee’s brewing

Oh, so tired. I’m writing an entry because my last one had such a dirty word in it, twice, and whenever that’s at the top of the page I know that’s the day Mom settles down to catch up on some I don’t want to hear her tsking from three time zones away.

But man, I am tired. This morning I woke up with a feeling like I’d smoked a pack of cigarettes. Then I realized it’s that I haven’t been this tired from comedy since I lived in Austin, which is when I was covered in cigarettes at all times. So this isn’t the feeling of smoking too much, it’s the feeling of working very hard without enough sleep.

Here’s how tired: last night when I watched Lost at midnight, I bawled like a baby for like, ten minutes. stee asked, “What’s wrong?” And all I could get out between sobs is, “Everybody has to say goodbye at some point! And it’s like, they’re all going to die!” And then he rightly suggested I go right to bed.

We are just over three thousand dollars shy of our goal. The book drive has been going for one week, and we’ve raised $8140. Thank you.

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