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Me: celebrating stee’s birthday.


“I’m training for a pretty serious mission… Operation: Smokin’ Hot Body.” — chyxx, In Training

“Tank Girl (I KNOW. Shut up.)”– duckadee, Top 10 Favorite Movies of All Time

“Spain: One word – bidet.” — BrianneG, Culture Shock Moments

“Because, really, ‘happily ever after’ isn’t an end state, and we get chance after chance to get it right.” — Elizbaeth, One is Not the Loneliest Number!

“Um… The Beatles. I have listened… I do not like them. I find them boring.” — Ms.J, Unpopular Opinions — Overrated Bands

“I’m a girl, I turned 25 last week, born and currently reside in Philadelphia PA, I’m single, live with a roommate, work in publishing, and have an unhealthy obsession with Johnny Depp. ” — on-the-brink, “Who the Devil are you?

“When The Kiss happened, I screamed at my TV so loud, my downstairs neighbor heard me. Luckily, she’s a VM fan, too, so she understood.” — newsie78, Veronica Mars

“CSS is about where I bump up against internet coding and then recoil like those guys in Star Trek who hit a force field, looking all confused and hurt.” — Mike, Your Technological Walls

“I knit. I knit a lot. Do you knit?” — nooch, Knitting

“When I got home I looked in my mouth, to find a HOLE IN MY CHEEK! He had slipped and drilled a hole in my cheek!!!” — Kinipela, Worst Doctor Experience Ever!

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