Lately on the forum… forum introductions: It’s like a high school reunion in here.

“People who say ‘whatevs’ should die a slow, painful death.” — nooch

“I also read a bunch of the books by Lurlene Mcdan about kids who had horrible diseases and died. I’m not sure why my mother let me read them because they totally fed my hypochondria, but I devoured them.” — sac

“I firmly believe that we should be taxed through the nose for gas (As in, even moreso than now) to fund public transportation. “– cloonez

“I just found that I can no longer post on this board. All I want to be is a librarian, and I’m surrounded by them…” – alinicole

miss erin‘s looking for a decent music magazine.

“They’re like potato chips. Or crack. Or, potato chips dipped in crack.” — whirlygirly, on Glarkware.

Have you registered? Someone’s totally going to take that awesome forum name you always use, and then you’ll be like, “Hey! She says her name is Millhouse! That’s the name I use!”

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