Dan’s L.A. by the numbers

So I’ve just been recruited back to New York for ten weeks. I am thrilled about the work opportunity and incredibly excited to spend some time with my New York friends, whose tear-streaked faces, seen on my last visit, proved to me that they just can’t function when I’m not there. Poor darlings.

For those of you who are finding out through the blog that I’m going to be at work on Broadway and 50th Street on Monday morning, don’t be mad. This is how I’m telling everyone. Hi, mom. And if you’re looking to prove that I should have told you before everyone else because you’re secretly my best friend, please note: I don’t have a ride to OR FROM the airport.

So, in the spirit of travel and U.S. News and World Report sidebars, I give you “L.A. By The Numbers,” a wrap-up of this round of L.A. living, from my arrival date (October 19) through my departure date (April 9).

Weeks in L.A.: 24
Days during that time spent out of L.A.: 19
Days during that time spent out of New York or L.A.: 0
Apartments/houses lived in: 5
Subletters in my New York apartment: 3
Episodes of reality television story edited: 2
Episodes of reality television recapped: 1
Episodes of scripted television recapped: 12
Episodes of scripted television I was supposed to have recapped: 17
Days spent at the office until after midnight: 5
Extensions in the end date of my current job: 4
Violent, nauseating, preoccupying unrequited crushes: 1
People who think the above statistic is about them and are hilariously wrong: 1
Days spent in the hospital: 5
Blood tests: 12
Parking tickets: 3
Weddings attended: 1
Outdoor barbeques during winter months: 2
Songs on my iPod: 4,745
Blog entries written about a karaoke video game: 5
Times I saw Xanadu: 1

I’ll be back in LA on June 18. And I don’t have a ride to OR FROM the airport.

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