Dan flat-out pleads for help

Hi, everyone.


As many of you know, I am living in LA at the moment. I have a fabulous brownstone in Park Slope, Brooklyn, which I’ve been subletting. As I’ll be out here for an indeterminate length of time, I’ve decided to keep subletting the place, at least for the next two months. The current subletter is moving out, and I need to find someone come February 1. Which is, according to the calendar, soon. As is typical for the New York real estate market, things have gone as badly as possible. We had someone lined up who has gone AWOL before writing a check, and now I have five days to get someone in there or things will end in grave poverty for me when I’m suddenly paying to live bi-coastal. And this I cannot afford.

When I first came out here in October, my post to Craigslist yielded over 70 responses. I’ll let Pam tell you how pretty the place is. Please help me find someone. I will really buy you pretty presents. More info:

I will be working out of town for two months and need someone to sublet the master bedroom of my fabulous Park Slope apartment. The apartment is available February 1, and the sublet goes through the end of March with the possibility of a continuance after that. The details are as follows:

*It’s at President Street and 7th Avenue, in North Slope.
*It’s the first floor of a brownstone in a perfectly-maintained building with nice tenants and a delightful roommate named Mike. Seriously. He’s a pleasure.
*It’s the larger of two bedrooms in an apartment that has a full living room, monstrously high ceilings, a dishwasher, and no bugs.
*Near everything, and steps from all relevant subways, including Q/B/2/3/R.
*The room is completely furnished with a bed, a bureau, and a television with the full package of cable TV.
*The rent is $950 a month, with the two months paid up front in one easy installment of $1900. THIS INCLUDES ALL UTILITIES. You won’t have to drop a dime after this easy, one-time fee.

I can be reached at the email address on the left of this page.

For this website, this is a pretty selfish request. It’s not a book drive and it’s not glamorous and it doesn’t help anyone but me (and the lucky tenant who gets to look around at all of my stuff), but the readers of Pamie.com have never let us down before. So help.


[And it’s Dan’s birthday today! Help him! (please use the comments for the apartment, not for birthday well-wishes. thanks.) -p.]