Letter From a Rancho Youth Services Librarian

Pamie –

Our wishlist had sat dormant for so long that it was sorely in need of attention. Thank you for waking it up! Since your launch of the 2004 pamie.com Book Drive, we have been the fortunate recipients of 32 new books which we have added to our children and young adult collections. I have just put additional items on our wishlist and refined the “Unique Facts” section to better reflect this library’s importance to our growing community of young families. Many families who use our library were victims of October’s devastating fires mentioned on your website. These families came to the library to find information on rebuilding their lives. They came to find books to read to their children – to calm them when they were upset by what was going on around them, to comfort them with their favorite books that had been lost in the fire. They came to find a quiet place to sit and reflect. We have an amazing community that loves their library. Our story times are well attended, and this year’s Summer Reading Program is off to a great start. And now this overwhelming response to your book drive from people all around the country – ain’t life grand?

Barbara Sutton
Youth Services Librarian
San Diego County Library
Rancho San Diego Branch
11555 Via Rancho San Diego
El Cajon, CA 92019

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