dan has paused his television for one minute

Yes. I still work here. And I intend, despite my shamefully lengthy absence, to walk around like I own the damn place.

It’s been a really busy couple of weeks capped off by a horrific last few days. Were I to have posted, it would have read, “Wrote recap. Wrote recap. Wrote recap. Bought Swiffer. Rinse and repeat.” The “rinsing” would have been done with the new Swiffer. Because that thing rules.

And now, the quote of the day, compliments of Tracie, as we try to shake off some bad news about our neverending efforts to become Broadway staaaaahs: “After the nuclear holocaust, there will be cockroaches, Cher, and Monica the Musical.” Amen, Potes.

I’m back. I swear.

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