dan notes that there are too many people in the world

Y’all, there are too many people in the world. I’m not sure if the following is supposed to make me feel happy or sad, but I’ve applied for a job that is literally the utterly perfect match with my skillset. Don’t ask me what my skillset is. Secretly, I don’t have one. I’m lucky enough to have one inside track at the company, but this is the response I just got when I pestered for further information.

You’re grossly overestimating the efficiency of the hiring process here. :-) They’ve got something like 300 candidates for each spot so just weeding through the resumes is going to take awhile. In other words, no news yet.

I choose to take this as good news, and a reminder to all that when you send in a job application and never hear back, it’s really nothing personal.

In the meantime, I shall wander the streets wearing a sandwich board sign that reads, “Will work for positive reinforcement.”

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