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Sars, Miss Alli, and I are doing a reading this Thursday. Some of my vignettes have been culled from this very blog. Come and say hi.

“Spare the Snark, Spoil the Networks”
Writers from Television Without Pity

dan J. Blau
Sarah D. Bunting
Linda Holmes
with your hostess, Kathleen Warnock

Thursday, March 18, 7pm. FREE.

dan J. Blau (“Djb” on TWOP) is a New York (oh, okay, Long Island) native who has worked for over four years as a staff writer for Television Without Pity, where he skewers bad television shows six thousand words at a time. A Vassar graduate using his English major to write plays about such high-minded topics as Monica Lewinsky, Dan has also written for articles to online publications including Fametracker and Hissyfit. An actor against his will, Dan has appeared both on stage and on soundstage including, a series of VH1 shows where he talks about, like, Slinky commercials. He really thinks it’s time he had an agent because he really wants a writing job on The Daily Show.

Sarah D. “Sars” Bunting is a writer and cigarette wrangler who lives in Brooklyn. Prior to helping found Television Without Pity, Sars worked as a church secretary, a file clerk, a pool tester, a CD-ROM producer, an antiquarian book dealer, and a Penthouse proofreader. Oh, and–she’s heard every SARS joke under the sun already, so please PLEASE don’t bother. “Sars” rhymes with “scares.” Learn it, live it, love it. Enter her world at www.tomatonation.com. Her work has also appeared on Fametracker and MSNBC.com.

Linda Holmes (“Miss Alli” on TWOP) lives in Bloomington, Minnesota, and has written for Television Without Pity since September 2001. She recently calculated that she has written approximately 1,600 pages of in-depth analysis of about 125 hours of reality shows. She has also written for MSNBC.com about matters including Captain Kangaroo, TV boyfriends, Jessica Simpson, Saturday Night Live, why network television hates the Midwest, and why no one should read a book by a man who has been The Bachelor. In January, her prognostications about Survivor: All-Stars appeared in TV Guide. When there’s nothing good on television, she is a part-time attorney.

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