dan and pam are busy

And DS-Hell speed I have achieved! To work nine jobs! And write ten recaps!

Just be glad your entire company wasn’t sent this email today. And no. It’s not about me. But one day it could be. Because free-floating, passive-aggressive paranoia is a fantastic motivator. Let’s go see!


As we grow and change, I wanted to underscore and unwritten rule at [place I freelance], and something that should be adhered to strongly as we face the Awards season.:

If you are covering an event with a client, it is your responsibility, as an emisary of [place I’m thinking of leaving] to behave professionally at all times. It is better not to drink or smoke until you are well away from the event and your work with the client is done. If you are not sure of your body’s tolerance for alcohol, do not drink at all. Remember, Hollywood is a small town, and we have always prided ourself on the impeccable behaviour of [place I wake up and thank god is 3000 miles away from where I live]-ers. Any ungentlemanly behaviour unfortunately always gets back to me. I would urge everyone to behave as an example to others.

Thank you for your kind attention to this matter.

Thank you, mother. This has been One To Grow On.

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