This Is My Job.

Sara, Frank, Steph and Stee are upstairs. I am down with the computers, burning a copy of The Breeders’ “Pod” for Frank, because he’s never heard it and thinks the Breeders don’t deserve the fame that overshadowed Frank Black’s solo career.

Cal is freaking out next to me, and I have had too much wine. I am jealous of stee’s iWhatever, which burns CD’s 357% faster than my ancient iOld.

Anyway, this is my job. I’m down here making CD’s for people while everyone else is upstairs drinking and dancing to Pixies songs. This is the downside of being a wonder-killer. It isn’t as glorious as you might think.

Also: the wonder-killer is the one who feels compelled to update a blog while waiting for a CD to burn on another computer.

insert tears here. what is the matter with me?

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