It’s Like Having All Of My CD’s In My Car!

People of Los Angeles, turn your radio dials to 103.1 right now.

Holy crap! Yes! Radiohead followed by Postal Service, followed by the Beastie Boys (circa Paul’s Boutique) followed by old REM and then the Pixies and then the Police and then U2, Social Distortion, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots and the B-52’s (from Wild Planet!) (insert panting noise and crazed face here. I’m like, seriously way too excited about this radio station.)

LA gave us a Christmas present, and turned a mostly crappy dance station (how many times do I need to hear Kylie’s “Slow”?) that I used to call Queer As Folk FM, and changed formats into a commercial-free, DJ-free indie station. This happened for seven glorious weeks in Houston the summer before my senior year. I’m sure this won’t last long. And judging from this Pitchfork Media article (scroll to the bottom), we’re not supposed to be entirely happy about it, as the station’s a part of Clear Channel (but at this point, what isn’t?).

I don’t care. This station rules, and I am so happy to have it. I know it’ll be gone in about a month.

If you’ll excuse me, I must go dance around to some Living Colour.

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