But was he guilty?

Just got this email:

To: Juror #3, Van Nuys Superior Court, Dept E, Los Angeles,
CA, excused on November 13.

This is Juror #4 and I would really like to say Hi and continue our conversation. You can reply to this email or call 818-831-1492.


She is WF, 30’s, 5’5″, slender build, short light brown hair.
She served on jury duty November 12 13, Van Nuys Superior Court in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, CA.

Contact me or please pass this message along to her.

Thanks, and Happy Holidays!

I don’t know why, maybe it’s the cold, but this is cracking me up. “Hmm. I really liked that girl who was excused from the jury. Perhaps I will email total strangers in hopes of finding her. That won’t appear creepy or anything. It’ll be so romantic! Like a movie. Order in the Heart. Yeah, that’s it.”

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